i expected levi to be a total asshole from what i saw on my dash but actually he’s like FULL DAD

i’m hella fucking gay for levi


tfw levi been on screen for a total of like 2 minutes and u already doki-doki for him………

also started watching the shingekis with my sistula on the bus to and from

instantly became gay for tiny cravat man

back from the aneemays

wasn’t as lame as i expected it to be - apparently there were 600 ppl in total over the weekend, which makes it a decent-sized lil con, and some decent cosplays too. anime culture has seemingly blossomed in estonia while i wasn’t looking - i went to this same con on its first year in like 2007 and it was literally like 50 people in one sad little room.

unfortunately i managed to get hella sick while i was there so now i feel like complete shit.

sister’s cosplay looked great and was hugely successful tho, will try to post pics soon. she loved it so welp guess i’m going back next year

i saw a mikasa in booty shorts

there are fuckin homestucks here r.i.p.


398,705 plays

not ready to spend two days surrounded by fuckin weeaboos oh god why did i agree to this

that wig looks much better on photos than it does in real life…..