Polish MiG-29 Fulcrum

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wip wip wipple

weh some of the jet fighters from yesterday’s show flew over the city when leaving for home today & i was sleeping so i only heard them & by the time i woke up enough to realize what the sound meant it was already too late :’(((

but yeah even though we missed half the show I’M STILL REALLY HAPPY cause i actually hadn’t ever seen jet fighters up close like this before. & I NEVER KNEW MiGs LOOKED SO GOOD i have a new favorite //weeps// i could have married that thing right then and there

so yeah here we have a Polish MiG-29, a Finnish F-18, and a Danish F-16 (actually based in estonia right now, a whole 6 of them I think, as part of the “look russia don’t u try any shit” show NATO is putting on in the baltic states rn)

& to drive home the point of my previous post, here is the one plane that the estonian air force actually owns (there are also two L-39s, only for training & with no offensive capabilities, but they are just on loan from latvia ahahaha)

it’s an An-2, it’s from like the 1960s (the design is from 1947) and it was just left behind when the soviet union broke up and it’s still their only plane. h… how sad.

wanna know how sad my tiny lil country is??

first ever proper airshow in the country - and out of all the aircraft featured in the airshow, literally ONE actually belongs to the estonian air force, and said plane is like 700 years old & just something the russians left behind when they left

all the F-16s, F-18s, MiGs, Gripens, Eurofighters, all that stuff? They were from belgium, denmark, poland, sweden, etc. and know what’s EVEN SADDER??? we couldn’t even cover their fuel costs for coming. so a bunch of countries just sent us their planes for a bit as a favor just so we could hold this one lil event.

how unbelievably, unimaginably sad.


went to an airshow!! actually pretty much the first ever proper airshow in estonia i think. we’ve had some demo flights and stuff before but never a whole day of different planes & jets doing all kinds of shit. which is pretty sad, i know.

so this first time airshow took place at an airbase that had never hosted any sort of public event before, so the whole thing was a MESS basically. the event caused a 15km+ traffic jam, and it took us 2 and a half hours to get there, even though it was a 20 minute drive. so we basically missed half the show :’||||||||

I GOT TO TOUCH (i admit it was more like lovingly carress it from one end to the other) A MiG-29 THO so in the end it’s all good

don’t be, we missed most of it because of the traffic jam ;_____;

don’t be, we missed most of it because of the traffic jam ;_____;

F-16!!!! F-16!!!!!!

F-16!!!! F-16!!!!!!